Our process is designed to be simple and flexible, but ensure an amazing end result for your project

Step One

We recommend getting us involved as soon as possible. It’s important we are on the  same page as the architect. We suggest getting our quality surveyor to do preliminary costing at the early scheme design concept stage to ensure your design is on budget.

Step Two

Once your design is on budget, the architect will complete the plans, and our quality surveyor will provide a detailed costing report. Final changes can be made before submitting it for council consent. 

Step Three

We then prepare a contract using the Master Builders contract. Once the contract is signed, and building consent is issued, we break ground. 

Step Four

We project manage the entire build, coordinating with contractors and the architect throughout. Our quality surveyor provides monthly reports to ensure you understand the costs. You can monitor the entire project via our project management software, keeping  up to date with photos.

Step Five

Once practical completion is achieved, we apply for code compliance, conduct a final  walk-through, and hand over your home. 

Step Six

We offer a 10-year Master Build guarantee and a 12-month settling-in defect liability period. We can also assist with your landscaping. 

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